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Virtually all our funding comes from caring and generous individuals from all
over the world. The following kind people have made contributions to CBAVC: 

Our Kind Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to all our generous sponsors. Without their invaluable donations CBAVC would not have been able to provide a life changing opportunity to so many disadvantaged children.

We are unable to list each and every person who has supported CBAVC. However, we would like
to express our gratitude to:

The Mad Monkey Hostels

The Mad Monkey Hostels is the largest youth travel operator in Cambodia and operates the best youth hostels in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampot and Koh Rong Samloem. 

The Mad Monkey is a ‘for profit’ social enterprise and operates a clean water fund, education fund and arts support fund with donations taken at time of booking. 

The Mad Monkey also operates equal rights employment policies in Cambodia, disability positive employment, pro-poor employment and provides basic healthcare and a working wage for all of its team in Cambodia.

To date the team at The Mad Monkey Hostels have gathered donations from its guests, friends and family of the directors and has delivered over 275 clean water projects ($63,250.00 USD) to deliver clean water to the most impoverished rural families of Cambodia.

All water wells are tested for Arsenic and quality at the time of building to ensure water quality for those that use them.

All Paypal and transfer fees for water well donations are funded directly by the Mad Monkey.  You can donate water well via the Mad Monkeys web page instantly using your credit card, wells are usually delivered within 45 days of donation date and 100% of the money generated is used to fund the project, with The Mad Monkey paying any fees and costs.

Your water well comes with a sign board that can be dedicated as you wish, and photographs are posted to the Mad Monkey Website and to the Mad Monkey Social Activity Facebook Page.

The Caason Group

   Caason Group international aid for CBAVC. The Caason Group is a private group of companies bringing international trade, direct investment, development and innovation across multiple sectors and diverse market. From 2012 till nowadays, our major donor, "Friends of CBAVC" in Australia, Mr. Craig Astill, Managing Director & CEO, He raised funds from friends of Caason Group company and his own funds supported to CBAVC for the developments in rural Cambodia through  many projects:

1. Donated $800 in providing two clean water wells in local community to improve access to safe drinking water in 2012.

2. Donated over $7,500 for improving English and Khmer education program at local school with over 350 students in 2013.

3. Donated over 260 school bags to local school for our children through education program in cooperation with Save the Children Australia in 2013.

4. Donated $1,040 in the first participation for the meaningful events of the world peace summit, and additional supported over $750 for the second participation in Soul, South Korea that invited by HWPL in 2014 and 2015. 

5. Donated $3,200 for constructing a community sanitary toilet with tree rooms, improving hygiene and sanitation and reducing health risks in Chi Kreng district of Siem Reap province in 2015. 

6. Supported $1,800 in building a safe and secure house and proving basic human right - a secure shelter - for a poor family that have many children to improve access in living conditions change lives in 2015.

7. Donated $1,250 for purchasing the house facilities of volunteering accommodation to improve access of our projects in local community in 2015.

8. Donated over $5,000 to purchase an auto vehicle (Mini van, 15 sets) in 2016.

9. Donated $2,000 for the administration costs in renting a house for our office of CBAVC in Siem Reap in 2017.

10. Donated over $2,500 to build a school kitchen for 350 children while they are getting their education to a better future in education program at local school in 2017. Total amounts is ($25,840 USD) supported from Caason Group company from Australia to CBAVC. Read more...


CBAVC would like to welcome on board our Australian Ambassador, Miss Aslyn Meneghini who has raised and donated 13 wells and 1 community toilet for the rural areas of Cambodia in the past three months alone with kindly donation $3,690.00 USD Aslyn will continue to be a huge support to CBAVC and will be able to direct and answer any queries regarding donations and volunteering for anyone in Australia who would like to be involved. We would like to welcome her on board and look forward to building a brighter future for the many affected areas in Cambodia throughout her continuous support.

19/June/2015     (CBAVC-Volunteering House Construction)

CBAVC have recently started a new project in constructing a volunteering house with 4 Rooms for our volunteers and team of CBAVC in staying and working with Community Development Programs at the Bark Angrout Village in Chi Kraeng District of Siem Reap Province.

The volunteering house is made by wood and supported by all the generous people around the word more than $5,000.00 USD. Special thanks Ms. Leelay Lieu, USA that she joined a donation $1,200.00 USD in May 25, 2015 to CBAVC in continuing this house construction for the development of sustainable projects in the community and our kind donors of the  international investment companies of Caason Group, Australia that contributed more additional $1,250.00 USD in June 19, 2015 for the facility requirements with 4 Rooms. The total cost is $7,540.00 USD.



Wishing you to our kind donors of the Association for Social and Environmental Development (ASEnD) that donated $480 USD to CBAVC for building a water well and for buying 10 water filters to the poor villagers in the areas of CBAVC community center in the Bark Angrout Village. Read more…


The beginning of a community toilet building with 3 rooms to the poor villagers in the areas of CBAVC community center in the Bark Angrout Village. The community toilet building supported by the international investment companies of Caason Group, Australia. The total cost is $3,200 USD.

Community Toilet Building Project

We have started to build the community toilet with Community Development Programs and responsible by CBAVC staff. Read more...


This month we have started to build a lovely house to the most vulnerable and poorest families of Cambodia in the Bark Angrout Village of Chi Kraeng District, Siem Reap Province. We started a house construction with Community Development Programs to bring all of these people towards for the better life. The house is made by wood and supported by all the generous people around the world. The total cost is $5,810 USD.

          House Construction Project



Wishing you to our awesome donor Ms. Leelay Lieu, USA that she donated $1,750 USD to CBAVC for the building of a Community Toilet with 2 Rooms to the poorest families of Cambodia. She always helped and tried for the development of sustainable projects and buildings of toilet, clean water well, educational program and house construction in the local community.  


We at CBAVC are honored to be invited to attend the world peace summit in Seoul, South Korea, September, 2014. This summit will be the first summit of the World Alliance of Religions for Peace. First I would like to congratulate the team of HWPL for opening the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace Summit to bring the unity of religions, which is held purely for peace, an organization actively working for the building of peace and understanding of the world. 

We at CBAVC are to be invited by the team of WHPL for three times in participating for this event. The first time we joined for the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit in Seoul,Republic of South Korea in September 16-20, 2014, the second time at Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC), Siem Reap study campus in March 23,2015 and the third time at Build Bright University (BBU) in Siem Reap study center in May 25, 2015. It is one of the most important events for holding the world peace summit that I have never seen this event before for my life in the world with all representatives from each religion more than 100 countries around the world in hardly working for the reconciliation to build the world peace and to stop conflicts of religion and cessation of war.

I believe that the World Alliance of Religion’s Peace can join men, women, youth, and children in picking up the mantle of peace and taking responsibility to promote the message of peace and cessation of war and reconciliation for world peace so everyone on the earth can have peace.

Especially I would like to take this opportunity to profound thanks to Mr. Man Hee Lee, chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), South Korea that offered to CBAVC the Certificate of Appointment as Publicity Ambassador of HWPL, and the team of HWPL that they donated $330 USD for building a water well to the most vulnerable people of Cambodia and the our kind donors of Caason Group, Australia confirmed and supported $1,550 USD to CBAVC for the traveling of our flight tickets to South Korea in participating this inspiring event. Read more…


    Unity of Religion Agreement with CBAVC                   Peace Walk in Cambodia, May 25, 2015


CBAVC have supported more than 18 clean water wells to the local community that kindly contributed by the families and friends of Ms.Sovannarorth Yoeun and Ms. Ang Hong Tang, Canada and USA. The total cost is $4,140 USD for the water well building. 

      Ms. Ang Hong Tang, Canada                                        Clean Water Well Building 


Thank you to all our awesome donors from Save the Children Australia and Caason Group, Australia that supported more than 260 school bags to CBAVC with educational programs at the Bark Angrout primary school in Chi Kraeng District of Siem Reap Province. Read more…



We at CBAVC offered the training programs to our kids about how of meditation and we offered the three bicycles and study materials for 260 children in the the Bark Angrout village primary school supported by Mr. Antonio Camppuccio and Mrs. Dorothy van Binsbergen, Italy.


CBAVC offered the food program for 60 vulnerable children in the Bong Dounpa Village of Siem Reap District that supported by the lovely friends of Ms. Ang Hong Tang, Canada


Thank you to the students and professors of Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh that supported the study materials to 260 kids at the Bark Angrout Village primary school.


CBAVC received the 15 volunteering students from Mrs. Anne Hansen, and Associate professor from the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA. She donated kindly $250 USD to CBAVC to buy school tables.


The Astill Family and Evans Family at Caason Group from Australia caringly contributed $800 USD to build 2 clean water wells and Astill Family donated an additional $300 USD to build the logo of CBAVC.


The €1000 was donated by the "InternationalInner Wheel" club from Salò/ Desenzano through Mrs. Dorothy van Binsbergen and she donated more additional $200 USD for the CBAVC vulnerable children after she returned to Siem Reap. CBAVC started to dig a pond to bring the land of 68 trucks to the terrace of Bark Angrout primary school because in the rainy season it has always been floated.This action donated by the International Inner Wheel club from Salò/Desenzano from Italy.

January 2013

Mr. Jen B. Niemiec and Excelsior Wasserbetten company from Germany kindly donated €200 and Mr. Stefan Fleischhacke from Austria kindly donated $250 USD to CBAVC.

October 2012

Mr. Liam Keating and his friend Ms. Steph Del Carmen from the USA donated $200 USD and five footballs for the poor children.

September 2012

Mr. Marius Kingma and Ms. Wendela Huisman from the Netherlands provided charitable donations of Books, Dresses, and Toys for our children during the two weeks they spent volunteering at CBAVC school.

March 2012

Mr. Michael Parsons and Ms. Nellie Hanbury from Ireland and England kindly donated $50 USD to CBAVC to buy school tables. Among their many achievements they helped to developed a new website for CBAVC and they continue to assist CBAVC on a regular basis from home.

                  Why visit a CBAVC school?

As an alternative to visiting an"Orphanage" which is strictly a no-no. Why is visiting orphanages ano-no?

Here is an extract taken from the Child safe Network Cambodia, which is an NGO that protects children from abuse and prevents them from being placed in abusive situation:

Many orphanages rely almost entirely on donations from visitors to survive. Thus directors 'may purposefully maintain poor living conditions for children to secure funds from tourists. Children who appear under served may come across as a cry for help more than children who appear well fed and cared for. This of course places guilt on tourists if they do not help immediately. By visiting orphanages and making a donation you may be fuelling a system that exploits children.

Orphanages do not offer a long-term sustainable response to the situation of vulnerable children. By investing in families and communities we are laying the foundation for better conditions for children.’

Please consider visiting and supporting the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC). We are located approximately 60 km from Siem Reap in the countryside in Bark Angrout Village, Siem Reap Province.

Along the roads among the forests, the most beautiful local landscape will pass you by. After 50 minutes on national road 6 you will turn onto a local road and see the way most rural Cambodian live. All around are rice fields, coconut trees and all kinds of wonderful birds and animals. Free range hens and pigs roam around the houses of friendly people here. During your time as a volunteer you can have the option of a guided tour of the local area, which will include the local pagoda where young monks are praying and meditating among shrines and statues of Buddha.

After lunch about 20 minute drive there is Kompong Dkei Bridge. It is one of the most significant and breathtakingly beautiful bridges situating in local community. Built over 800 years ago it is the largest and highest of the few remaining bridges along this route.

If you would like to visit CBAVC please arrange it first with one of our staff. You can contact us by telephone, email or post. Visit the Contact Us section of the website for details. The CBAVC actively seeks qualified volunteers too as you will see what if you visit their site.

Donor requests to remain anonymous are always honored, please advise CBAVC if this is your wish.