>> CBAVC Staff

The Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) is a Cambodian non-governmental, non-profit organization established by a group of Cambodian Buddhist Monks of Wat Polangka, Siem Reap in 2012 who aim to improve access to education and health services for the most vulnerable children, women and disabled people in society.

Ven. San VanFounder and Director 

Venerable San Van, Founder and Director of Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children. Van is a monk of Wat Polangka, Siem Reap province with “Dream”. He is now driving to turn his dream into a reality to help vulnerable children and people who are living in the areas where he was brought up. He was born in 1982. He was the third child in family. He became a pagoda boy at the age of 16 years old. He became a monk at 18 years old and then he attended Buddhist secondary school and completed Buddhist high school in 2005. He is now graduated with a Bachelor of Art in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), BA in Project Management and MBA in General Management from Build Bright University. The families and friends are very blessed and love him. He works very hard and tirelessly to officially establish and register the Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children. He is responsible for the management and daily operations of CBAVC school in the vulnerable areas.

Ven. Cheak Kimsea Project Coordinator Officer

Venerable Cheak Kimsea is a monk of Wat Polangka, Siem Reap province. He was born in 1987. He became a pagoda boy at 13 years old and then became a monk in 2004. He attended Buddhist primary school and completed Wat Bo Buddhist high school in 2011. He is now working in CBAVC school. He worked very hard to develop CBAVC and continues with the daily running of the school. Venerable Kimsea and Van are responsible for preparing the programs and projects and handle all the problems that arise in the organization. Together they work tirelessly to develop the areas of village and provide a better education to all children in the countryside.

Mr. San SethFinancial and Administrative Officer  

Seth was born in 1991, Siem Reap province. He attended primary school and completed his high school in 2011 and then he wished to undertake a Bachelor degree of Accounting and Marketing at Build Bright University. He is very interested to work with CBAVC and the children in the vulnerable areas, especially in the countryside. He is responsible for organizing the minutes of meetings and conventions and make out reports on activities, prepare letters and keep archives.

Mr. Hing HowEducational Program Officer

How was born in 1987, Siem Reap province. He has 6 siblings and he is single. He is the fourth child in family. He is a student in the third year at Build Bright University, a Bacher degree of Banking and Finance and now he is working at CBAVC school. He is a dedicated and valued member of our team. He is a teacher of English for our more advanced students. He also supervises our resident language teachers and supports our volunteer English language teachers in school.

Ms. Khloeun Sochea Assistant Officer

Sochea was born in 1984, Siem Reap province. She is now married and has 2 children, 2 boys. She is responsible for arranging reports and sending them to all of the offices that are involved with advocacy. She also cooperates with other NGOs and investigates problems that communities have, especially CBAVC children.