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CBAVC School Programs in the Bak Angrut Village

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CBAVC is working through our donors of Caason Group and Save the Children Foundation to improve access to education in the Chikreng district, just outside of Siem Reap. The mission is to provide education to the local children of CBAVC School in the Bak Angrut village, by teaching additional Khmer classes, math, English and science.

Bak Angrut is a small village, located in Chikreng district, one hour away from Siem Reap town. Lying on a confluence of beautiful ancient Kompong Kdei Bridge River which leads to the mighty Tonle Sap, villagers enjoy an abundance of fish and work primarily on the land harvesting rice.

Being in such a remote location, education is extremely limited, and with little economic prosperity reaching the local community there is development needed especially for vulnerable people along with all villagers. CBAVC School Project aims to provide future job opportunities for local Cambodians. Due to the economic climate many local people have been forced to leave Cambodia to find employment abroad to support their families. This is leading to parents being separated from their children and families being torn apart. Unfortunately, many of these people often find themselves working illegally in unsafe environments. We are working toward providing job opportunities for these migrant workers in their local communities which would keep them with their families, providing free education to over 250 students. CBAVC and our kind donors of Caason Group and Save the Children Foundation have pledged their support by combing efforts in order to pay the salaries of five teachers and monthly supplies. By working together, the teachers take care of the school and give lessons which support the Cambodian curriculum, sports, creative classes and English language lessons.

The Caason Group and Save the Children Foundation partners also works to support CBAVC school by sponsoring funds and volunteers to the projects and having them help support the local teachers with studies, creative classes and games, and bring donations for children with books, textbooks, pens & pencils, school uniforms, school bags, shoes, toothbrush and toothpaste, school fees and bicycles.



If you would like to get involved in a program or pledge your support, please get in touch. Thank you for your support!!!


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CBAVC | Charity Registration No. 271 KH 2012 | Kingdom of Cambodia

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National Road No.#06, Bak Angrut Village, Kauk Thlork Kraom Commune,
Chikreng District, Siem Reap Province

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(+855) 092 373 730

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