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Rural Agriculture Development Project

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Cambodia is a developing country with a strong and growing economy from agriculture sectors. 80% of Cambodian people are farmers. Majority of villagers are rice cultivation, farmland and subsidiary crop/vegetation for their living.

Most farmers are faced in the lacking of agricultural machinery, draft animal power, agricultural tools, quality rice seeds and natural fertilizers, especially shortage in agricultural machinery such as Tractor for agriculture works. Tractor would be easily than the draft animal power in the farmland preparation for planting rice, potato, cabbage, corn, watermelon, garlic and transportation in rice fields. 

These farmers will receive water resources for their crops from water wells, ponds and irrigation systems in community.

CBAVC is currently supplying clean water and farming to rural families in Chikreng District of Siem Reap Province through 325 clean water well projects.

Our project will buy a Tractor to serve the needs of approximately 3,240 local families (13,500 people) for agricultural works and allow the community to participate in vocational skills training and employment opportunities.

Beside the agricultural works, our team can use this tractor for the transportation of well materials to each water well building location from the village to other villages in local communities.

KUBOTA -Tractor.  It costs $25,000 USD

Please email us if you are interested in purchasing a tractor for the development projects in community. Please help CBAVC to be self-sufficient through your personal donations or your fundraising from your friends or family. Your one time donation is valuable forever.


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