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The Cambodian Buddhism Association for Vulnerable Children (CBAVC) is now operating in Chi Kraeng District of Siem Reap Province.  

CBAVC projects will be implemented in collaboration between CBAVC staff, local community leaders and any necessary governmental and non-governmental agencies. We want to ensure that people in these communities cultivate confidence through experience and learn to develop sustainably to reach self-reliance rather than relying on aid after the withdrawal of CBAVC or other NGOs.
CBAVC humanitarian projects are implemented through:

1. Child Sponsorship

  • Child Sponsorship (formal and non-formal education supports, vocational training, capacity building).

2. Community Development

  • Clean water well project for family daily consumption and for vegetable plantation.
  • Improving the construction of toilet and house for the poorest families in local community.
  • Set up family self-sufficiency through visa agriculture and education, gardening and livestock.
  • Micro-credit for the small business for the poorest and most vulnerable families that have many children.

3. Community Primary Health Care

  • Community primary health care for the local community. This project enables poor families and their children to access primary health care and receive medical treatment, consultation, counselling, health awareness as well as our health centre in the local community.