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:: Child Sponsorship

1. Child Sponsorship Program

  • Child Sponsorship (formal and non-formal education supports, vocational training, capacity building)

  Establishing formal education support:  

  • Improvement of local teachers from government schools so that they can provide better education to children such as schooling, sport materials, school uniforms and bicycles to the poorest, vulnerable and disabled children from the poorest families.
  • Improving the children’s social awareness, protection of their rights as children, reducing domestic violence and drug abuse.
  • Establishment of village school libraries to improve the children’s reading and knowledge.

  Establishing non-formal education support:

  • Creation of a drama program such as traditional music and classical APSARA dancing. 
  • Vocational training in Art, English, Sewing and IT skills.

  Vocational training and building capacity:

  • IT training (pending access to computers).
  • English language ability.
  • Hospitality training.
  • Sewing training skills.

  Home-care and nutrition program:

  • This will include a monthly ration of rice, protein and vegetables for all the children in the school.

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