:: Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

Sponsor a Child

The basic need of each child is to be able to attend a school in a loving environment.

''Children are our most valuable resource'' 

Children are the future. That is why we believe that it is important for children to grow up in a loving environment. But a loving environment is not all that children need. Children need to be educated in many different areas so that they can live long, happy and educated lives and positively affect the community in which they live.

Because of our strong belief in caring for Cambodian children we have set up a sponsorship program. This program will allow people from all over the world to help support the children at CBAVC so that they can have adequate food and clothing and attend the local public school.

The cost to sponsor a child at CBAVC from Primary School to High School is $270 per year. Sponsoring the University scholarship students is $500 per year. 

What does the $270 for a student scholarship include per year?

  • School fees including enrollment and supporting to fund teacher's salaries $45
  • School uniform including shoes $30
  • Study materials including books, pens, bags, pencils, color pencils, color papers, etc $25 
  • Sport material including student participation for league sporting with other local schools $30
  • Bicycles for students attend to local school $40
  • Hygiene supplies including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap $20
  • Health network/referral case for health checkups including medical, emergency care and dental check-ups $35
  • Providing daily school nutrition programs including a healthy meal, snacks and protein to improve children’s health and nutritional well-being, enabling them to grow well and learn well $45

Student Scholarship Project

We are supporting 200 students from Primary School to University. These students have been selected for students who drop out of school in villages in Siem Reap province.

Sponsoring a child in need will profoundly change the future for the child, and will change your own life as well.

Sponsor my scholarship today!

Just click on a child's photo to learn more.

San Seth

26 years old

University Student, Year 4


Kok Sakol

22 years old

University Student, Year 2


Non Noy

10 years old

waiting 37 days

Vat Sopai

5 years old

waiting 20 days

Sat Sreymoy

6 years old

waiting 15 days

Khat Sreynoch

5 years old

waiting 20 days

Maly Vicheaka

6 years old

waiting 40 days

Chon Chetbok

10 years old

waiting 65 days

Ton Vithey

10 years old

waiting 28 days

Chon Sreypov

6 years old

waiting 20 days

Noun Sreykoev

5 years old

waiting 18 days

When you sponsor a child, you will receive your child's photo, personal story and a child sponsorship packet by mail in approximately 10 days.  As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement, your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. 

We arrange periodical meetings with all new scholarship students and caretakers in each village, and we cooperate with school teachers and local authorities to follow up students schooling and their daily living conditions.

If you have any questions regarding donations or about any of our programs. Please don't hesitate to contact executive director San Van, email: sanvan@cbavc.org