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:: Community Primary Health Care

3. Community Primary Health Care

Establishment of the basic primary health care centre in the community. This health centre enables the poor people in general to access the primary health care and to receive the basic medical treatment, consultation, counseling, health awareness as well as the health network from our health centre existing in the local community.

 HIV/AIDS Awareness Raising

Through the CBAVC project, poorest families will receive support to come out of poverty and improve their food security. However, there are some families who can remain poor because they may be vulnerable to shock such as HIV/AIDS and flood and drought. If the wage earner of poor families suddenly becomes ill from HIV/AIDS this families sinks deeper into poverty because they must spend their income on medicines and treatments. Women and girls usually must take the most burdens to take care of the sick family member and then become unable to contribute to the daily family income.

Communities, village leaders, and CCs will have opportunities to join in workshops and trainings on improving their awareness on HIV/AIDS. They will become more knowledgeable in prevention and in care and support to persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs). Communities will be encouraged to update the lists of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs). For lifetime of the CBAVC project staff and CC partners will ensure that for the PLHAs who have ability and especially for their family members of poorest PLHAs they will be included in as many of the CBAVC activities as possible.

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