Pig Raising Project for Families

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It costs $350 per Pig

Cambodia is an economically developing country with valuable agricultural resources. Farmers are still poor and unemployed in many areas due to a lack of education and funding. Pigs are one agricultural asset that can help solve part of this poverty. One female pig gives birth to 10 to12 piglets at one time. They are also very profitable for farmers and part of a much larger sustainable agricultural project that CBAVC takes part in.

CBAVC is working to help provide pigs to families through donations. A family that is donated a female pig would then breed that pig with a family given a male pig creating more piglets. The pigs are monitored by CBAVC monitors the treatment of the pigs and they are treated in a humane way, where they are given ideal living conditions. Our pigs are given shade, fresh air, fresh drinking water, sunlight, and have access to their family until they are older. Their homes are also spacious and natural.

House for Pigs

The size of pig house is (2m x 3m) with concrete cement for the floor and zinc roof or palm leave. It is constructed with wooden frames and bamboo coverings and will last over 10 years with continual upkeep. We take it for three days to build a house for pig. Each pig house has a signboard of the sponsor name and the country they are from.

Goal of pig project

Our goal is to reduce poverty and increased the resilience of poor and vulnerable smallholder farmers in Cambodia. Especially at this time in history, self-sustainment can be life changing.



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Without donations like yours, however, the CBAVC will not have funds to keep operating. A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our goal. More details...

CBAVC is a registered charity with the Government of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. Registration No: 271. All the taxes-excepted.

Location Address

National Road No.6, #165, Bak Angrut Village, Kork Thlork Kraom Commune, Chikreng District, Siem Reap

Contact Details

Phone in Cambodia: +855 092 37 37 30
Phone in USA: +1(612) 258-9620
Email: sanvan@cbavc.org / info@cbavc.org

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